Difference Between Real And Fake Documents


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For The Manufacturing Of Real Documents

For the manufacturing of Real and Authentic documents, we will require both client’s Biometric and Vital details. Depending on the type of document which we shall produce or manufacture for the client, we shall recommend the Biometric and Vital information from the client. The Main Biometric details which are always required to process the database registration and to imprint on client’s document are; Passport Sized Photograph and Finger Prints.

Not all Autehntic documents require or need Biometric data registration. An example of documents that requires Biometric information are; Passports, Driver’s License, Id Card, Green Cards, Resident Permits etc.


But if in case you require us to manufacture you the FAKE copy of any of the documents listed above, therefore we don’t have to register your Biometric information in any database system and it won’t really matter if you provide us with your real Finger prints as this is just for the fake document.But the photo must be the photo of the person who'll be using the document. So the photo must be valid.But for the manufacturing of other documents like; Degrees, Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards, etc, we shall require just the clients Vital Details. Your Vital Details consist of Your Names, Sex, Date of Birth, Height, etc. And vital details varies depending on the type of document which you want us to process. If we are manufacturing you a Diploma or Degree, therefore we must require your choice of University, Major and Faculty.And for documents like Birth Certificate, we shall need the name of your Mother and Father and some other vital details which we will directly ask from you.
The Real documents are LEGALLY used and acceptable by the authorities. Real documents can be renewed by the authorities. If we manufacture you a real document and it expires, you can go to the authorities for a renewal of the document. Once they check the system and see all your details and see that all is genuine and legit, they shall renew your document without hesitating.


Real documents have all the client’s details registered in the supposed database system and once verified in any airport or using a data reading machine, all the clients details will show up. For Example, if you want us to process you a US Passport, we shall register all your Biometric and Vital information and details in the US central database system under the government recognition.


While the Fake document will not have the client’s details registered in the database system.

The Fake documents can ONLY be used as CAMOUFLAGE.

Meanwhile the Fake documents will NEVER be renewed by the authorities. Instead, the client can go to jail for that. So we advise you always get the real authentic documents for sale

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