Guinean passport for sale online

Here at legit documents, we make sure we give you nothing but the best when it regards documents. Additionally, we have Guinean passport for sale online. All details of our information we keep private and we also do discreet delivery. We work hand in hand with highly experienced IT experts who are out to give you nothing but the best.

What We Do

No need bragging because we are best at what we do plus we will like all to know that in the documentation industry. We process both fake and real documents like passports, ID Cards, Drivers license, Certificates etc. Moreover, we sale these documents to all. So it does not matter if you are African, European, North American , South American, Asian, Arab etc we will still sale to you. With us, the customer is king.

Guinean passport for sale online

Guinean passport for sale online

Difference between real and fake passports

The distinction between a real and fake passport is very wide. A real passport is very legit and very safe to use. All details on the real passport will be safe in the database. Should the real passport be checked in an airport, all biometric information will show in the system, Moreover, the new passport will be renewed in any government should they expire. On the fake passport will never be renew in a legit office and must be use only for camouflage.

Real Passport

Naturally, a real passport is a document which the government will give to it’s citizens so they can travel internationally. If we are to add, our real passports on sale here at legit documents are hundred percent legal and safe to use. We do work with government workers who make sure all your information on your passport will be safe in the database.

Fake Passport

Many clients come and place orders for a second passport or a novelty passport. Nonetheless, we are here just to ensure you get quality and not quantity of any you ask but we also want to really insist on the fact that acquiring a novelty passport is not safe. You must use it only where the is no scanners. Additionally, novelty passports must be use only for camouflage reasons.

Guatemalan passport for sale online

TO conclude. we advise all our buyers to always buy real passports if they want to travel internationally and via airports. Fake passports must be use only for camouflage. Lets help each other avoid jail.

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